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It’s no secret these days that diet (calorie control) is the most important factor to body composition and indeed, overall health. The most determined and motivated athlete, precisely following the most effective exercise program, may still not get their desired results, if their diet isn’t kept in check.

The nutrition programme at Crossfit Narellan has changed my life and fitness dramatically. The programme has really given me a great understanding of macronutrients and what my body needs on a daily basis. The physical changes have been amazing, I quickly lost the body fat and weight I needed too by tracking and balancing my diet. Mentally though I am so much happier.

I feel balanced all day with fewer mood swings. It's been 235 days since I started my transformation and the programme gets easier every week. I have lost over 9 kilo's and around 6% body fat. I highly recommend CFN nutrition to people of all shapes and sizes who want to improve their quality of life.

Mick, Nutritional Program User

Why We Do it?

It’s for this reason that we offer a personalised plan for each individual based on your goals, body type and current fitness level.

What the Program Involves

No matter what you wish to achieve, we will design the plan for you! 

Here’s how it works,

  • Complete our questionnaire
  • Meet with one of our coaches to discuss your goals 
  • Get your macronutrient plan
  • Join our private FB group (optional) to share stories and recipes with other athletes
  • Track your macronutrients every day
  • Review with your coach via email every week to ensure you stay on track
  • Achieve your goals!
During your initial consultation with your coach you will learn everything you need to know about tracking macronutrients and will leave ready to start your new approach to nutrition

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the plan?

A macronutrient plan providing the exact amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat designed specifically for you and your goals. It does not include specific foods to eat or meal plans.

What food can I eat?

As long as you eat the prescribed amount of macronutrients you can eat whatever food you like. Yes, even chocolate!

How long is the plan?

While the ultimate goal of the flexible eating plan is to change the way you eat in the long term, this plan comes in 4-week blocks.

Who is suited to the plan?

In short, everyone! Whether you wish to lose weight, gain muscle, increase strength and fitness or just improve overall health, we will design a plan that works for you and your goals!

Is there a lock-in contract?

No, each block in 4 weeks so you can cancel after each block or keep going as long as it suits. 

What if I don’t exercise?

While exercise is very important to overall health you can still achieve results with diet alone. Give it a go!

What our users think


I started my Crossfit journey in 2016 following recommendation by my physiotherapist after enduring shoulder surgery – followed by over 11 months of intense rehabilitation following a head on motor vehicle accident. I went in with the hope to just strengthen and try to stabilise my new shoulder.

It was during the intro sessions I was totally hooked and haven’t looked back since.

I have not only made a full recovery with my shoulder I have gained a fitness level I never thought was achievable. This then led me into the nutrition side of things to help me reach my peak performance both inside the gym and in daily activities.

At CFN you have the coaches support 100 per cent of the time and they are always there to give you that extra push. The entire atmosphere is always encouraging and supportive each time you attend and thanks to all of this I have made some of the nicest friends along the way.

I now can not stop recommending CFN to all my family and friends as the results I have seen with not only myself but with the other members is outstanding.

Thank you a million to the CFN team !!

Britt & Brenton


I started CrossFit Narellan with absolutely no CrossFit background and was super nervous about how I would fit in. After my first few sessions, I was hooked. The coaches and programming are fantastic, and the environment is extremely friendly, supportive and encouraging.

In April, my husband and I started the nutrition program through the gym and have both had phenomenal results. My confidence within myself and at the gym as highly increased, as has my passion for health and fitness. Joining CrossFit Narellan is the best lifestyle choice I have made. I am definitely the strongest and fittest I have ever been and I would never look back on the changes I have made. I highly recommend CrossFit Narellan!


Since being on nutrition plan and putting in the hours in the gym, I’ve lost over 20kgs of body fat, it’s help me learn a lot about body and the food we eat, I don’t look at it as a diet & it has not been a big lifestyle change, as I can still eat mostly what I like, it’s just about have the correct balance of macronutrients daily, which has been easy to track and something I will continue for life unlike other “diets” that have been short term.


Before I started Doing the nutrition with jay I was in a rut! Not making progress with training, not losing any weight. Just felt like I was stagnant.

Since starting I noticed a couple of big factors the main one being I wasn’t eating consistently some days I would splurg 3000 calories and others I would have as little as 1500 calories and I was just yoyoing between the two.

After a few weeks I noticed I had more energy and I was seeing results. I was feeling fitter and looking slimmer, since then, my nutrition has changed to accommodate my goals going from being weight loss based to performance based and I couldn’t be happier!

I’m kept accountable for what I eat, I’m more aware of what I am eating and I’m genuinely making healthier food decisions but without restricting myself to living my life and going to social events and even having a few beers a week.

Jay’s support through the whole process is meticulous and genuine.

The nutrition program has been life changing.

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