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    Please submit the form to put a hold on your membership.

Membership on Hold Conditions

All CrossFit Narellan members are able to put their membership on hold, even if they are on a contract membership, when they know in advance they will not be attending the gym.

This form must be completed and handed to a staff member or emailed to membership@crossfitnarellan.com to be processed 5 days before the hold start date. If the form is not received 5 days prior the hold will not be processed.

Important information.

  • Memberships on hold cannot be backdated.
  • The expiry of your membership will be extended by the same period that the membership is on hold for.
  • The minimum hold period is 1 week and the max hold period is 4 weeks.
  • Memberships must be put on hold from Monday to Monday regardless of the day of payment.
  • If you attend a class during the hold period you will need to pay a casual visit fee.

Send the form through now

Hold time is maximum of 4 weeks and must start on a Monday

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