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    Please submit the form to put a hold on your membership.

Membership on Hold Conditions

All CrossFit Narellan members are able to put their membership on hold, when they know in advance they will not be attending the gym. Memberships can be put on hold for up to 2 weeks in a 6-month period. 

This form must be completed and handed to a staff member or emailed to membership@crossfitnarellan.com to be processed 5 days before the hold start date. If the form is not received 5 days prior the hold will not be processed.

Important information.

  • Memberships on hold cannot be backdated.
  • Memberships may be put on hold for up to 2 weeks in a 6-month period.
  • Memberships must be put on hold from Monday to Monday regardless of the day of payment.
  • If you attend a class during the hold period you will need to pay a casual visit fee.

Send the form through now

Hold time is maximum of 2 weeks, must start on a Monday and must not have been on hold anytime in the last 6 months. 

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