Circuit Training and functional training.

Is CrossFit circuit training?

Well, yes, but so is most group coordinated training. Circuit training is simply doing exercises or movements in a circuit like fashion. So, changing from one to another. Pretty much any type of fitness training that uses one or more exercises could be defined as circuit training. We often do that in CrossFit, among other things, but we do it in a way where we have a set goal in terms of completing and recording a certain amount of work so we can track our progress.

So, is it functional?

Absolutely! Functional training is defined as exercises which involve training the body for the activities performed in everyday life. And CrossFit’s definition is Constantly varied, FUNCTIONAL training performed at high intensity. So, to give you an example, a squat is a functional movement as it mimics daily movements like standing up or squatting to look under your car. A press is functional as it mimics lifting something overhead. Everything we do is functional and help immensely in improving your ability to do everyday tasks with ease.

Circuit Training, Functional Training

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