• Why CrossFit?

    Why choose the CrossFit discipline?

Why should you get involved at CFN?


The main reason anyone goes to a gym and works out. To improve themselves in some way. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger or improve overall health and fitness, CrossFit will get you there. CrossFit is high intensity training and intensity is what gets faster results!

It’s Fun.

CrossFit is nothing like a normal gym, there are no treadmills, weight machines or boring routine workouts. At CrossFit Narellan you’ll actually look forward to getting to the gym. You’ll always have a coach to guide you, classes are different every day and you’ll never have to workout alone so you’ll never get bored.

It’s Good For You.

All CrossFit movements are functional movements, which means they are multi joint movements that mimic everyday activities. Functional movements help us move more efficiently and prevent injuries in our everyday lives. You will feel better, perform better and have more energy.

The Community.

It may seem intimidating now but you’ll quickly realise what a supportive environment we have. The people in the gym will become your teammates – they’ll encourage you and cheer you on and you’ll do the same for them.

It’s For Everybody.

One of the biggest misconceptions about CrossFit is that you need to be fit to start it. This is not true! We firmly believe that CrossFit is for all ages and fitness levels. We simply adjust the workout to each person’s individual physical limitations allowing everyone to train at the appropriate intensity.

It’s Life Changing Fitness.

The results you see from Crossfit transfer over to other aspects of your life. The confidence that it delivers will allow you to perform activities you never thought possible. Not only will you feel better and have more energy, you’ll notice changes in your performance at work and at home.

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