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    CrossFit is for everyone! The best way to get started is to book in a free trial with us!

Do you want to try CrossFit but are worried you aren’t fit/strong enough or that it’s too technical?

That’s a common theme. But, the best way to get fit and strong is here with us! In a controlled environment with a qualified coach to teach you correctly. Book in now!

Program Testimonial

On the 26th of January I signed up to CrossFit Narellan. Prior to this I had never stepped foot in a gym let alone signed up to one. I never felt like I belonged there. I also used time as an excuse.

Actually I would use anything as an excuse – kids, work….. I go four times a week now and I’ve gained an extended family.

Not only do coaches Jay and Russ encourage me and get excited when I succeed at something that challenges me, but so does everyone else I train with in the gym.

It’s the environment that keeps me coming back. Yes it’s about me and what I want to achieve, but it certainly helps to have a cheer squad to encourage me as well.

Vanessa (Business owner and mother of three)

What is involved?

All our classes are supervised by a qualified coach. If you book into a class as a trial there will be another coach there just for you to teach you the movements safely and explain the session. The classes include:

  • a warm up;
  • a skill/movement coaching session;
  • a work out, and
  • a cool down.

Safety is our main concern at CrossFit Narellan so each session will be focused on technique and good quality movement. After the session, you will be confident you can do the movement safely and effectively during a workout.

Each workout will be challenging but self-paced and you will get to use the skills you’ve just learned. You will record your workouts and in the future, when you repeat that workout will be able to see your fitness results. You will be amazed at how far you’ve come in a short period of time.

After the cool down you will feel great and look forward to your next session. What are you waiting for?

Why Try Intro to Crossfit?

So I wanted to write a testimonial for all the ladies and gents that are pondering with the idea of giving CrossFit a go. The first thing that came to my mind when considering trying out CrossFit was…. Am I going to be fit enough? How the hell am I going to lift those heavy weights? Can I keep up?? And the list goes on and on and on!!

Well, I decided to just give it a go and contacted Russ and asked if there was any chance I could jump in one of the beginner’s classes and I also expressed my extreme fears. Russ was very reassuring and just told me to come down and give it a go and I could take it from there.

So Tuesday night arrived and I showed up with a tummy full of nerves but soon realised that all the other people that were there, pretty much felt the same and were in the same boat as I was. Each beginners class that I attended over the month, covered the fundamentals of CrossFit and if I was unsure of anything, I could ask for help from one of the trainers.

As I attended each class, one of the biggest things I noticed was the sense of community, everyone wants the best for you and when you achieved something, everyone celebrated with you. It just really motivated me to try harder.

So at the end of the 4 weeks, my doubt had turned into a desire to do more classes. And as a result, I think I only lasted a week as a part-time member and requested to be put at a full-time membership. Fast forward and I am at my 3-year mark as Crossfitter and love it more today than I did when I first started. I honestly feel the fittest I have ever felt and still have so much more to achieve.

If you are considering trying out the beginners class, I highly recommend it. All you need to do is get your self down to Crossfit Narellan and to put your trust into the trainers. As they will always be behind you giving you 100 per cent of their knowledge and devotion.

Can’t wait to see you down here and let’s give it a go together!!

Dorzy Bailey (not Dorren)

What are you waiting for?

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